Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ultimate Blame

I blame facebook.
Because of you, we started to befriends and getting to know each other.

I blame twitter.
Because of you, I'm started to read her tweet everytime, everyday and having a part-time job as a stalker.

I blame that fat ass.
Because of your stinky tweet, I felt uncomfortable with her.

Fucking busybody at the highest order eh?

I blame YOU.
Because of you, I fell in love and suddenly I cant control my emotions.

I blame myself,
because of my anger, I'm easily gettin' mad. Then I broke my friendship, and my ultimate principle in my life, DON'T EVER HURT A GIRL'S FEELINGS.

Its hard to get back what I had lost earlier, after this.
I hate my pathetic self.

Dear Wind, just take me far away with you. Please?

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