Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Rant Post

Went to the beach last weekend. It was dull, boring and dirty. Stupid rempits everywhere, the air smells like poop. It was really nothing special, and I can't grasp the fact that I've decided to visit this awful place on a peak Sunday evening. 

A part of me is dead since I came back to Malaysia for good. The environment is unsafe, public transport sucks big time, too many people being judgemental toward others, and too much drama. I've lost interest in my ultimate hobby (photography), made an enemy with many whom I disagree with, only end up with a few friends. 

People put a huge pressure on me regarding my marital status, as if marriage is something like Thanos snapping his fucking fingers and then suddenly my future partner would fall from the sky and then we kisses and live happily ever after. Why would people be worried too much whether I want to be married or not? Or whether I’m gay or a white supremacist? Or the fact that I despise meringues on a lemon pie, and I freakin love Beef udon? It’s not your problem isn't it? 

Sometimes I wish I was born Japanese. Or Norwegian. Or a Deutsch. Or at least a Canadian. Better country, clean streets, citizens protest peacefully on the street when the politics goes wrong, people say thanks when they supposed to. But this is a fact; I was born as Malay, I eat air tangan mamak every week, inherited Malays good and bad quality and nothing could probably change that. 

Seriously I can’t wait to go back to AU again. Everyday I’m thinking about how nice the green tea latte from Little Rogue on a chilly Sunday eve. How cool it is that me, Mich and Kenny would drive 236 km spontaneously from Hawthorn to Wilson's Prom National Park just because she wants to see Aurora Borealis during winter. And how great it is that I could just walk around CBD at midnight while lugging my camera with the great effort just because I'm bored at home. 

People, please pray for me. 

P/S: Yeah I know my grammar's awful. I’m shit at foreign language. Not sure what I’m doin all this time at school. 

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