Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Biggest Compliment So Far

E - "You know what Naim, me and Aiden think that you're cool guy."

"What ?"

B - "She said that you're looks cool. She literally complimenting you though."

E - "Yeah really. And he said that he wants to be a guy like you. Even the way you dressed up to the class everyday was sharp as always."

"What the... ok. hahaha. That's awkward. I'm not that type of guy that you and Aiden thought I was. Just no. I don't even have enough money to afford a new clothes, yet you're think I'm sharp? Get a grip Ellie."

E - "hehe. That's what we thought actually. We were talking about everybody in the class, everytime."


".... thanks. for the compliment. Nobody have said things like that before. but again, are you both out of your mind?"


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