Sunday, December 02, 2012

The First Step To Everything

From back, left: forgot his name (planning to work in UK), Stanley (applying the Australian PR), Xiao Tian (applying the Australian PR), unimportant, Marcus (plan to further study in Australia), Leong Yin Pei - my best buddy in the class (a nurse planning to work in UK), Warren Tho (an accounting student in Melbourne, applying Australian PR), Belinda Choi (financial advisor, planning to work in Australia) and Mr Leong (planning to work in Australia).

Front, from left: Steven Muru (audit advisor, planning to work in Australia), forgot his name (A-level student, plan to further study in UK). Mr. Keith (our guru). Denis (PHD student from Russia, planning to study in Malaysia), Pazlida (a doctor in a hospital at Alor Setar, planning to work in UK) and Anna (Russian student, planning to enroll herself in a PHD program in Oil & Gas Engineering in Malaysia, maybe at Universiti Teknologi Petronas).

Now the exam had finished, I will miss them much. The happiness in class, the joke, the laugh, the inspiration.

Everybody have they own plan for the sake of their future. And they worked hard for it. I hope everybody get what they want and fight for it until the end. May God bless us, eventhough we are differ on culture or religion.

Hopefully we'll stay in touch and meet again, someday. I miss u all!

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