Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nani Dah Fed-Up Dengan Manchester United...

Manchester United winger Nani is reportedly considering a move to Serie A in the near future despite having his best season in the Premier League to date.

According to British newspapers, Nani has told friends and family he is looking at leaving England and has asked his agent to explore options in Italy.

Nani has starred for United this season, scoring ten goals and setting up 15 others, but the reports claim he now feels as though he has proved himself in England and would like to take on a new challenge in the next couple of seasons.

Nani, who only signed a new four-year deal last season, will not push for a move but instead wait and see what opportunities emerge, according to The Guardian. A report in The Sun claims part of Nani's dissatisfaction at United is based on his belief he is now worth more than the wages he agreed to in his new deal.

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Memula aku baca report kat soccernet ni, aku fikir, " Meh, sekor lagi perangai macam Christina Ronaldu nak main kelab lain pulak. Tak apa, gua tak kesah. Kalau dia chow, harap Sir Alex beli Eden Hazard or Alexis Sanchez sebagai pengganti. Lagi best.

Then aku bukak twitter. Aku nampak ni :


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