Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pemain Bolasepak Tendang Burung Hantu Di Atas Padang (Video)

Burung Hantu???

Ya burung hantu. Agak kejam sikap pemain bolasepak ni. Tak bolehkah kalau diangkatnya burung hantu ni elok² & letak di tepi padang?

Apparently, pemain ni (Luis Moreno) terpaksa diiring ke luar padang selepas perlawanan akibat perlakuan beliau yang membangkitkan kemarahan penonton.

South American animals rights groups must have had an interesting weekend.

During a football match (or soccer, for we Americans) between Colombian teams FC Junior and Deportivo Pereira, an owl somehow made its way onto the field. When some tense action reached that end of the field, the owl was unintentionally struck by the ball. When the play slowed down, one of Deportivo Pereira’s players walked over and forcefully removed the bird with his foot.

Whether this act is defined as a harsh scoop or an intentional kick, this still looks a lot like animal abuse

The obvious question is why there was an owl on the field, and that’s where this gets much stranger. Junior had reportedly adopted an owl to be their club mascot and would just let it wander around the sidelines during matches. What could possibly go wrong there, right?

It’s unknown what the condition of the owl is in, or whether any sort of charges are going to be brought against the player who kicked it. It’s probably worth looking into how negligent FC Junior was for letting the owl wander into harm’s way in the first place.

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